Vocational Training, CBR

I am Madhuri, a 22 years old. I live in Nangli Dairy slum community. I am Orthopedically Handicapped Before joining Computer Course at ASRA, I was a shy girl and dependable on others. ASRA’s CBR team & Computer Teacher had visited many times at my home to convince me to join computer course at their center.  They explained the benefits for joining computer course to my family but me and my family were reluctant. Finally, through continuous efforts of ASRA’s team, me and my family got convinced. I registered myself for Computer Course at Nangli Dairy Center. I was very hesitant to join and even to enter the class room. With help of teacher and my class fellows, I overcame my hesitation & shyness. During training session, I got good knowledge of Basic course, confidence and a positive aspect of life. I also got a chance to enjoy Educational Trip at Railway Museum during my training. It was first outing of my life. I also worked as a substitute of Nangli Dairy computer centre during the absence of my teacher. After completion of my computer course, I got an opportunity to work in a Private Company as a Computer Operator with starting salary of Rs.5000/- per month. It is my first job. I have also applied as a computer teacher in a Government School. ASRA’s CBR team helped me a lot for having all Government facilities like- Disability Certificate, Railway Concession Certificate, SDM Card, Pension, Tricycle, Wheel Chair etc.

Now, I feel proud that I am a part of ASRA. My life is now become beautiful & worth living. Through ASRA, I got a beautiful and healthy spirit to live in with better career opportunity. I would like to thanks ASRA with the bottom of my heart. ASRA plays a role of a pillar in a house- for my happiness, smile on my face and my life development. Thanks a lot ASRA.

After getting married in 2006, Ms. Deepa shifted to Pappan Kalan community. In her family, she has her husband and a son. During a survey by ASRA, she came to know about all ASRA activities and its vocational courses. Then she took admission in Tailoring course and after successful completion, ss4she got a certificate from ASRA. Being a bright student, she used to be a substitute in the absence of her teacher. Later, because of her confidence in quality in teaching she was hired as a tailoring teacher in one of the ASRA’s Tailoring Centre. As her husband has a very small shop so she had to face some difficulty but ASRA provided her an opportunity to become a helping hand for her husband, and she was able to contribute in house, financially. When she was tailoring teacher, she also took admission in Beauty Culture course and successfully completed her course side by side and got certificate. Then in 2011 she had to resign from her tailoring teacher job due to some medical reasons. But she didn’t loose hope and after the situation became normal, she decided to open her own beauty parlor as she was talented and bright student of ASRA and she was very perfect in her work. At present her parlor is working very well and she is again able to help & support her family. She is very grateful and thankful to ASRA for all the help, support and encouragement she got from ASRA. According to her, whatever she is today is only because of ASRA and ASRA Family. She was having tears of joy and satisfaction when she was narrating her story to one of the ASRA’s Worker.

I was not aware about ASRA and its services. One day ASRA team visited our community namely Nanhe Park and they were doing survey and they informed us about all the vocational courses which are running by ASRA in the community.ss5 They motivated me to join ASRA and any of its vocational course so that I can be self independent and I can make my future secure. Next day I enrolled myself in Beauty Culture course and started going to the Beauty Culture centre. After successfully learning the course, now I am capable enough to earn my livelihood. I belong to a poor family and live in a slum, yet I have opened my own parlor and am giving services to my nearby ladies at my parlor. Now I become an earning person in my family and I can fulfill my all needs. Side by side I joined Tailoring course to increase my business as well earning. From the bottom of my heart I would like to give a big thank to ASRA for motivating me and make me able to independent. – Rekha

Vocational Training, Mobile Repairing-CBR

ss7My name is Rahul Kumar, and 21 year old, I am doing Bachelor of Art from Delhi University. From my childhood I love the technical things and I wanted to make my future in the same. But my father wanted me to be a carpenter. But as my interest was in Mobile Repairing, I searched for various institute from where I can do Mobile Repairing Course but I was not able to afford the course fees. So I told this to my elder brother and he supported me for that. Then he told me about the Mobile Repairing Course running by ASRA. I took admission in the Course as the fee was very nominal and I could afford it easily. I learnt a lot and after successful completion of my Course. I started looking for Job. Then I came to know that there is a vacancy as Mobile Repairing Instructor in one of the ASRA communities namely Bharat Vihar. I applied for the job and after two rounds of interview I got selected. I am very happy and thankful to ASRA as my dream comes true only because of ASRA’s Program. By starting this course in very nominal rate they are making it possible for those who can’t fulfill their dream because of financial condition, as other institutes are charging 10 times more fees than ASRA. After getting Job in ASRA, now I am financially stable and now I am helping hand for my family. For me ASRA is a torch bearer and not only for me but many others like me. ASRA is always there to support the needy one in the best possible way. – Rahul Kumar

My Name is Deepmala. I am 35 years old and I am Orthopedically Handicapped. I earlier lived in Pappankalan Phase- I but now I live in Rama Park near to Pappankalan. I got to know about ASRA through a survey. I got myself enrolled for the Stitching course at Pappankalan Phase I centre. There I got to know that ASRA was also working for People with disabilities (PwDs). ASRA helps PwDs to avail facilities like Disability Certificate, Railway Concession Certificate, Bus Pass, Pension, E- Card, AFO, KFO. Other than Stitching course, it also offers courses like Beauty Culture, Mobile repairing and Computer Course. I felt elated on learning this and now I spread the word around. I have successfully completed the stitching course and got an ‘A’ grade in the exam. This course has benefitted me a lot. Earlier I had to spend a hefty amount to get clothes stitched for me and my family. But now I myself do all the work and stitch clothes. I feel proud about this change in my life. The money that was earlier spent on stitching clothes is now saved for my children. Now people around also got to know about me and they come to get their clothes stitched. From the money I earn, my expenditure is taken care of. ASRA offered such an informative course at a nominal fee. This encourages us to move ahead in life. I sincerely thank ASRA for all the facilities they provided.                                           – Deepmala