Seed Loan (Micro Credit Scheme)

I am Jammu Khatun, 26 years old and suffering from polio. I am living in Indira Camp-5 slum with my mother and husband.  One year ago I met Ms. Queety madam and Ms. Noorjahan madam of ASRA and they informed me & my family regarding ASRA & it’s all other activities They told me about the programs of ASRA and referred me to tailoring centre which was run in my slum area. There I met Ms. Deepa madam who is a tailoring teacher. She guided me regarding disability certificate. She also helped us in the submission of application form for disability certificate in the concerned hospital. Now I have received my Disability Certificate and also government facilities like Bus Pass, Rail Pass and Disability Pension with the help of ASRA. In November-2014 Deepa madam told me about a Seed Loan program of ASRA and I applied of the same to open a petty shop. I received material of Rs. 5000/- to open my shop. At present my shop is running very good. My family’s monthly income has increased. I am very very thankful to ASRA and AFS.

I am Sumsuddin Ansari, 30 years old, living in Indira Camp-2 slum in West Delhi. We are 5 members in my family including 3 children. I was unemployed and my family was facing financial crisis.  One day I met Ms. Harjeet madam who is education teacher at Education centre run by ASRA in our slum. She told me about Micro Credit Scheme (Seed Loan) of ASRA. I applied for the same and submitted the documents as required. My application was shortlisted and I received raw material of Rs. 5000/- to start a quilt shop. Now I have my own small business and I am very happy that I am supporting my family finically. I also got Disability Certificate, Bus Pass, Rail Pass, Identity card from the SDM office and Disability Pension with the help of ASRA. It is possible only because of ASRA’s support. I am grateful to ASRA and AFS.

My Self Malti, 32 years old and live in Pappankalan slum. I am orthopedically handicapped. I would like to thank ASRA for supporting me. Earlier I was very worried because I am not well educated. I was not able to find job anywhere due to my disability and less education. I tried to open a small shop on rent. But I didn’t have money to pay rent and to by material for shop.
I met Ms. Rizwana madam of ASRA near my home and shared my problems with her. She told me about ASRA’s activities and various programs for people like me. Then I was applied for Seed Loan (Micro Credit Scheme) in ASRA. I got material for my shop worth Rs. 5000/- from ASRA. I am very thankful to ASRA for providing me financial help which has increased my family’s income. ASRA also helped me in getting disability certificate, bus pass, rail pass and disability pension. My heartfelt thanks ASRA for helping and supporting me.

Yogesh Kumar, 32 year old, a polio victim lives in Poothkalan urban slum in West Delhi.  He had an attack of polio (right lower limb) after high fever when he was just three year old and lived in the village in Kota, Rajasthen state.  His parents tried every thing what ever was possible in the village but had no effect on him.

At the age of five, he was brought to Delhi as his father was already in Delhi in search of employment.  Yogesh was taken to different hospitals with no results of any improvement.  He was put in a school and passed grade IX but was not keen on continuing his education.  He started working in a factory on a salary of Rs. 800/- per month for a 12 hour shift.  His job responsibility was to cart the load from one place to another which he could not do easily.  He looked for an alternate employment.  He thought of buying a cycle rickshaw which he thought will be able to drive with one foot with a little help from the second foot.  He purchased a second hand rickshaw for transporting people from one place to another and earned about Rs. 40/- a day.  As it was his own work, there was no binding of the timings and was master of his own work.  At 22, he got married to a girl who was also a polio victim.  They have three children (2 girls and a boy).

ASRA worker informed him about the facility of the Seed Loan which he thought was a boon.  He applied for the loan and was given Rs.1500/- for the repairs of rickshaw.  After one a half year again the incident repeated and he had his h back in a very bad shape.  This time his wife Bhagwati, who is also a person with disability, applied for the loan of Rs.2500/- for the rickshaw repairs and got his rickshaw repaired.  Yogesh was given counseling about the road and traffic rules to save him from such incidents in future.

Yogesh transports children to schools which is a fixed income for him. He has returned the loan to ASRA.  He is able to earn to Rs. 200/- per day.   Besides, he and his wife get disability pension which helps them to cater to the basic needs of the family. His two children have been admitted in a government school.

Yogesh and his wife are given regular physiotherapy by ASRA physiotherapist in the community itself.  The therapy has helped Yogesh in gaining strength in his lower limb muscles which is needed for rickshaw pulling. The therapy has given physical stability to his wife, Bhagwati and her frequent tumbling has reduced considerably.  Now she is able to manage household work with ease.   The formalities for her rail pass, bus pass, Identity Card from the SDM office and disability pension have been completed and she has received all the documents.

Yogesh has been helped to write application to the government for the house under the Rajiv Gandhi Rehabilitation Plan.  The formalities have been completed and he will get the house as per the rules of the government.