Education Sponsorship, CBR

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My name is Barkha. I am 21 year old and live in Pappan Kalan Ph-3 slum community. I am Orthopedically Handicapped and have low financial background. I know ASRA since 2007. Because of my disability, I was dependent on other people for my work. After knowing ASRA, my life has changed and now I am self-dependent. ASRA has provided me therapy time to time at my home and also helped me in my surgery. I also got Sponsorship for my studies. When I was in class 12th, I had no money for my studies as my family is very poor. I was helpless at that time, but ASRA came forward to help me and provided me sponsorship for my education. I also completed my computer course from ASRA. ASRA provided me Hand splint and Therapies. Because of all these facilities which I availed from ASRA, today I am going outside freely and also do my own house hold work without the help of others. I participated in all the competitions conducted by ASRA from time to time and also attend all the workshops organized by them. All teaching faculty and doctors of ASRA encourage me to do all the work myself without help of others. I am thankful to ASRA for providing me help in my education and computer course. Today I am confident enough to lead my life and I have ability to do work as any other normal person.” – Barkha

I am Rekha. I live in Dwarka sector-16, Kakrola. My son’s name is Mayank, he is having Speech and Hearing Impaired. We came in contact with ASRA some time back. It provided us with economic assistance and got Mayank enrolled in Brahmshakti Special School. It has been three years that Mayank has been studying in this school. Along with the academics he also participates in extra-curricular activities. He received various accolades for participating in various games and sports. Today all the achievements of Mayank are to be credited to ASRA. We are ecstatic for the disability of our son has not impeded his growth and development massively. We hope that he grows and achieves heights in the future.

My name is Neha. I am pursuing my B.A. My family has a total of 8 members. I have done my schooling from a government school. I belong to poor class. My right hand not functional and I cannot put it to any use. I am a person with disability but I have never been made to realize that I lack something in me. I have been associated with ASRA for 7-8 years now. Wherever I am and whatever I will achieve in the future is all because I have been supported by ASRA throughout. I have received medals from the education minister because I got encouragement from ASRA. ASRA funded my education, my tuition fee otherwise I would never have been able to afford all these things. I go to college by bus ad I do not have to pay for the tickets as the rehab workers from ASRA got the bus pass made for me. I am not dependent on anyone. I receive my pension timely which manages my expenses while I go to the college. The happiness that ASRA has given me, I do not think anyone else would have been able to. I got the rail pass made. I think that such organizations should be in every area where the people like me can access the benefits and live a simpler life. I want to thank ASRA for all that it has done for me. I hope it continues bringing light and joy to the lives of people in the times to come.

My name is Preeti. I study in 12th Class and I am physically handicapped by birth (from my childhood). I live in a joint family. Financially my family is not strong. My father is the only earning member in the family. ss6He has to look after everyone’s requirement. Especially he is always worried for me and my condition. He always think about my future that how would I mange myself in future. One day I met the team of ASRA during survey, and they met me and my family regarding to know about my condition. Then they gave information about ASRA and its work as well as they also make me aware about the government facilities like Bus Pass, Rail Pass and Handicapped Pension. ASRA team really helped me a lot in getting all these facilities and also paying my tuition fee under Sponsorship Program. Due to the tuition class I always obtain good marks in my academic, as my parents were not able to effort the fee of tuition teacher. During one of camp organised by ASRA I got crutches with which help me to walk properly and I don’t have to fear to fall down. So I thanks to ASRA family from the bottom of my heart and wish you to all ASRA family for your appreciable efforts.   – Preeti