Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy provides services to individuals and populations to develop maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout the lifespan. This includes providing services in circumstances where movement and functional ability are threatened by ageing, injury, disease or environmental factors. Functional movement is central to what it means to be healthy. This department involves the interaction between physical therapists, patients/clients, other health professionals, families, care givers, and communities in a process where movement potential in assessed and goals are agreed upon, using knowledge and skills unique to physical therapists. So far 3,798 cases have been registered and treated in Physiotherapy Department at ARTC.

The physiotherapy department is equipped with Interferential therapy (IFT), Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS), Short Wave Diathermy, Electro Therapy, Traction, Hydro collator, Ultra Sound, Muscle Stimulator, Paraffin wax bath, Grip Exercise, Exerciser Rotary Wrist, Heel Exerciser, Exerciser Shoulder Wheel, Continuous Passive Motion Unit, etc. Electrotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Wax Therapy and Exercise Therapy are given according to the individual diagnosis of patient.

The numbers of the patients who have benefited from physiotherapy during last three year are given in the table:-