Occupational Therapy Department

This department works with people of all ages, who, because of physical, developmental, social or emotional problems need specialized treatment, training and assistance in the form of approaches activities and modification of environment to lead independent productive and satisfactory life style. So far 778 cases have been registered and treated in the occupational department of ARTC.

Occupational therapy department is equipped with Static Cycle, Quadriceps Chair, Standing Apparatus for Over head, Standing Unit Mounted Over Frame, Magnetic Checker Peg Board, Perception Peg Board, Perdue Peg Board, Physio-Gymnic Ball, Stand-In-Frame, Puzzles Programme set, Finger Dexterity test, Counting and Color Sorting Beads Set, Square Peg Board, Sponge Ball, Pyramid, CP Chairs etc.

 The numbers of the patients who have benefited from Occupational Therapy during last three years are as given below:-