Rehabilitation services in CBR

The CBR project functions to facilitate medical and surgical intervention through Government hospitals to enhance functional level of PwDs. Other components include programs such as education, vocational training which aims at enhancing the professional skills of the beneficiaries. ASRA facilitates provision of aids and assistive devices to PwDs at nominal or no charges through networking with Government organizations and partner NG0s. Aids and appliances such as caliper, KAFO, AFO, brace and etc. are fabricated in ASRA’s workshop located at ARTC, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. ASRA assists in registration of beneficiaries in special employment exchanges and in Vocational Rehabilitation Centres set up by the Government of India. Individual counseling services, vocational counseling, career counseling and placement services are also provided to the needy through ASRA. Information about government schemes, policies, benefits, concessions and scholarships is also provided to PwDs and marginalized segments. ASRA facilitates the issuance of disability certificate, railway concessions certificates from state designated hospitals, refers persons with special needs to specialized agencies and arranges reference letters from local authorities to avail such services.