Education Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program

Since August 2010, ASRA is offering financial support in the form of ‘Sponsorship’ to slum children with disabilities to pursue their studies. During this year, 73 children with disabilities have been sponsored. The total number of 207 Children with Disabilities (CwDs) have been sponsored till date and are being provided with Sponsorship facility for pursuing their education, therapy, pay tuition fee, buy uniform, stationery and pay for conveyance etc.

This program helps them to get medical intervention & therapies, supplementary studies in order to continue mainstream education. Identified children are given sponsorships and are referred to different organizations and schools, so as to help them get admission and ‘inclusive’ education.

All these interventions help the child to cope with mainstream education and improve his/her general development. Parents who lack financial resources are able to send their child to school and finally give him/her a respectable place at home also.