Economic Sector: Seed Loan (Micro Credit Scheme)

In our community based rehabilitation experience, we observed that financial constraint is a major impediment in improving the economic life of PwDs. Considering this ground reality, ASRA decided to extend help in overcoming this obstacle. The financial support in the form of seed loan was thus provided to the needy disabled persons and their family members, aimed towards empowerment of the poorest of the poor. With the help of this interest free loan, which is a monetary assistance ranging between Rs.5, 000/- and Rs.15, 000/- they can take small steps towards improving the quality of their lives. The seed loan is given to support a large spectrum of activities such as starting a new business, setting up or buying additional items for their petty shops. This leads to an increase in their monthly income. It is not only a mere financial system but also a tool of social change as well. 124 PwDs have so far benefited through seed loan moving towards the self reliance program. They are running their own kiosks/small shops like vegetable shop, general store, plumbing units, etc.