AIRTC Children

Kinshuk is our only child. He is Autistic. We belong to a lower middle class family. Our profession is astrology which is not running smoothly.  Initially, we got Kinshuk admitted in a Special School in Dwarka. The fee structure was too high in that school. So we stopped sending him to that School after some time. In 2017, we came to know about occupational therapy department of ASRA through parents one of classmate of Kinshuk. Kinshuk started taking sessions of occupational therapy in ASRA. Then ASRA opened its own Special school in 2018 with nominal fee structure and quality services. So we got Kinshuk admitted in ASRA school. For us ASRA is a name / place where students love to go and are being learning many things in fun. Apart from this, ASRA fulfils the requirement of education material like notebooks, Books, colours, etc. and gives nutritious food items time to time. It was going very good till 2019 but after lockdown due to this pandemic COVID 19 children got locked down in houses and become inactive. During these crises, ASRA took initiative and started providing online classes and not even educational, it also started Speech and Occupational Therapy via online. In starting it was difficult for us to coup with this new technology. Before lockdown, children were fully handled by teachers and therapists but now it was on parents to handle the child at home. Teachers guided us to keep these students in front of the computer screen. It was the biggest task.  But ASRA teachers themselves worked hard with patience. They motivated and encouraged us. Along with the classes, the teachers and therapists also share weblinks for new activities frequently, due to which the practice of Kinshuk was not lost. Fees was not charged by ASRA during 4 months of lockdown and after that it is the minimal amount which we are paying. Despite lockdown, ASRA provided us with stationary items, masks, handkerchief, etc. and food items like Daliya, Poha for Kinshuk at our door steps. A would like to thanks ASRA Staff for these valuable efforts.

Jyoti Malwal (Mother of Kinshuk), Uttam Nagar, New Delhi

I am Sushma, I live in Jain Colony, Nanhe Park. My daughter Khushi is physically disabled. I am a housewife. Khushi’s Father does a low labour job from which his income is very less . One day ASRA staff was doing survey and they came to my house and was telling me about activities of ASRA. Suddenly they asked about any disabled family member in my house. Then I told them about my daughter. When my daughter was about 7 to 8 years old, I was not aware of any organization but when I got associated with ASRA. I got to know about different government facilities for disabled kids. ASRA staff also helped me in getting Disability Certificate of Khushi. I get the information of ASRA from Sultana Madam. Firstly, she started getting regular physiotherapy at her home by ASRA’s Physiotherapist. Then I started taking my daughter Khushi to ASRA HQ for occupational therapy through which there was improvement in her body. I came to know that ASRA is opening its own special school for disabled kids. So we get her admission in the ASRA school (AIRTC) in December 2018 from where she started learning many things. Side by side ASRA staff helped us in getting Disability Certificate, Disability Pension, Rail Pass and wheelchair for her. After going to ASRA special school, I have seen changes in Khushi. She gets regular speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy by which she has improvement in her speech, now she can sits by support, eats her food by own, drinks water by cup, tells her name and she is performing many activities of daily living. She can even write. She understands the conversation. We are very happy from this development.

Due to Covid-19 when there was lockdown we were facing many problems. Work also get closed. It was affecting our kids studies as well. But ASRA helped us that time also. they came to our house and gave us some essential food items. Even they started her online classes from which her studies did not get affected. ASRA also gave her study material which helped her a lot. There are very few organizations who helps the disability people and comes to their home.

I thanks to ASRA Organization from my heart who helped us in such a tough time by any selflessness. I also thanks to ASRA’s school teachers who taught my Khushi very lovingly and do takes care of her.

Sushma (Mother of Khushi), Nanhe Park community

My name is Seema Devi. I am mother of Komal.  I have 6 members in my family. In my two daughters, Komal is the youngest one. Komal is mentally handicapped and she is not able to speak. My husband is a mechanic and my son is studying in class 4. My eldest daughter is studying in class 10th. When my youngest son started speaking then people who are living near to my house started telling me that Komal is elder to your son but still she is not able to speak. Komal was unable to explain her requirements and was not responding to people. Then I showed her to a doctor who told me that she is mentally handicapped. After knowing that that my daughter is not able to speak properly and she is mentally not stable, I was feeling very bad. She was not able to do her daily routine tasks. One day a teacher named Manjeet mam came to our place for the survey from ASRA organization. She told me that ASRA is working for these kinds of children since very long. She told me that for Komal I can talk to Deepali Mam also. The next day, I met Deepali Mam and she told me about the facilities which ASRA is providing. Prior to this I don’t even know that there is any kind of organization like this which help differently abled people. ASRA first got her admission in its Education Centre for special children in the community and bear all the expenses for Komal’s education including school fee, transportation and therapy charges.  For this I am thankful to ASRA. Then slowly she got little stable.  After going to that centre, Komal had learn many things.

Staffs at ASRA organization also helped me in making the disability certificate of Komal, the e-ticket the railway pass and bus pass. Komal’s disability pension has also improved my economic status. In 2018, we came to know about opening of ASRA Special School (AIRTC) for children like Komal.  I visited AIRTC and saw the facilities for these kind of children. I got admitted her in this school. At ASRA special school she is getting regular speech therapy and Occupational therapy.  From AIRTC she had learnt how she can eat her own food by herself and how she can change her clothes by herself. Komal loves going to school and every morning when I take the name of the school she just wake up and start getting ready for the school. ASRA school fee is very low and they are providing us transport also to take our children for their school.

Due to lockdown and coronavirus pandemic her school gets closed. When there was a lockdown and children were not going to school for their education ASRA took initiative of starting online classes. Every work has been stopped but online classes were organized by ASRA and then ASRA gave us ration. Exclusively for Komal, ASRA has been providing us immunity booster kit and some essential material regularly for her education like copy, pencil, eraser, color, mask, hanky, water bottle, poster colors etc. ASRA has supported us financially by not taking fees during lowdown period. For all these I am thankful to ASRA.  If we had not got the chance to know about ASRA and its activities we were not able to make Komal continue her education part as my other two children are studying in a private school. I was not in a condition to bear the expenses of Komal’s education. Like Komal, ASRA has also helped many girls in their education. All staff workers are very nice. On timely basis, they used to call us and ask for any troubles if we are facing for Komal. They Educated us to keep ourselves safe from this covid-19 pandemic. Komal is getting her online classes regularly.  All school teachers are very nice and soft spoken. Although we scold Komal many times due to her naughty nature but her teachers handle her easily. I am waiting for the day when there is the end of this Lockdown and Komal will start going to her school as like previously.

Seema Devi (Mother of Komal), Pappankalan community

My name is Poonam Sharma, I am Piyush’s mother. I live in Bindapur community. I belong to Rajasthan. There are 6 members in my family. Piyush is my eldest son. He has one younger sister (Khushi) and a brother (6 months old). My husband works as a auto driver. When Piyush was 2.5 yrs. old, I noticed that he is having some problems. During my pregnancy, I suffered from Typhoid due to which Piyush got this intellectual disability. I have followed all the suggestions given by relatives, neighbours etc. for his treatment. We took him everywhere as per the suggestions and never missed his treatment sessions. But we didn’t find any recovery in Piyush.  This also disturbed financial status of my family as we spent lot of money on his treatment and finally doctor told me that he is having intellectual disability. Then I got to know ASRA organization from an Aunt, whose child is also differently abled. I went to ASRA organization’s Education center which is located in Bindapur community where I met ASRA’s Education teacher Ms. Shalu Mam, who explained to me about all ASRA activities. At the Education Centre, I also met Deepali Mam, who referred Piyush and me to ASRA Head quarter located in Uttam Nagar. She explained to me about all the facilities available for Piyush which he is getting now a days. I was worried about Piyush and as doctor has told me that he is intellectually challenged, I was in a state of shock. My mother-in-law supported me and I felt relaxed after meeting teachers at ASRA. They asked Piyush to take admission in ASRA School (AIRTC) so I took the admission of Piyush in January 2019 at AIRTC, Uttam Nagar. During the first month only, I noticed a behavior change in Piyush. Previously, Piyush was very stubborn but now he is able to control his behavior comparatively. He started recognizing fruits & vegetables. He is now always greeting his teachers and therapists & asks me to make tea for them whenever they come at our home for taking feedback. Previously, he was studying in a private school where I spent 800 INR as fee but he didn’t learn anything from there. After going to ASRA’s special school, he started speaking some English words also, he is getting exercise therapy, speech therapy from there due to which I can see a major improvement. Deepali Mam explained to me about importance of getting a Disability certificate. My A adhar card was not updated at that time. So after updating it, I had applied for Disability Certificate for Piyush and got the date of 10th May 2021 for receiving it.  Mam told me that he will also get disability pension which will help improve my Economic condition as I will be able to fulfill his more of his needs. I got all this information after connecting with ASRA.

Since last 1 year, COVID-19 pandemic lockdown was there, due to which we have faced a lot of economic crisis. His father’s work is also down. ASRA did not even take fees for three to four months from us since due to lockdown, we had financial crises. After that ASRA reduced the fees to 50% for online classes. During this hard time, ASRA also provided us with Ration (lentils, Wheat flour, Cooking oil, Sugar, Salt, turmeric, mask etc.).

Piyush never refused to go to school as he was getting improved but the school got closed due to lockdown. As soon as the school got closed due to pandemic, ASRA started its online classes from the next month of lockdown i.e. April 2020. Since then Piyush is getting his education classes as well as regular occupational therapy sessions online. Her teachers and therapists are very nice and polite. There are online music classes also by which Piyush has learned to sing after classes. Online classes are a good step to education during lockdown. Piyush is able to identify pictures of different objects and learnt to say namaste and Bye when needed. He eats on his own now.

ASRA has also provided us an additional education material like Notepad, Notebooks, Pencils, Erasers, Colors, Art & craft material along with Immunity boosters, Handkerchiefs, mask etc. His grandmother is very happy with ASRA organization and its staff because this is the only organization that has understood the problems and the requirements of our differently abled child & educates us to keep ourselves safe from COVID-19 pandemic.  We are proud of ASRA organization. As I get to know they are not helping only Piyush but all the children who are differently abled. I want this pandemic to end soon so that Piyush could go to his wonderful school (AIRTC) regularly again.

Poonam Sharma (Mother of Piyush), Bindapur Community

My name is Nitin, I am father of Pihu. I live in Nangli Dairy, Najafgarh. My Family has 5 members. I have 2 daughters; Elder Daughter’s name Khushi Goel, she study in Class-8. My second Daughter Pihu is Orthopedically Handicapped. I have stationary shop which is on rent. My Daughter Pihu is differently abled/ handicap since her childhood. When she was in her mother’s womb, her mother faced a lot of problem during her 6th month of pregnancy. She took birth in 6th month only then Doctor told us that your daughter has some problems. I had taken lot of treatments. For 3 years we took treatment from Khera Dabar Ayurvedic Hospital but there was no improvement. Due to her different ability her mother also faced mental problem since many years. With very difficulty I made her mother to come out of this mental trouble. But still her mother stay worried about Pihu. One day I met ASRA’s worker Noorjahan during a survey where she let me know about ASRA & its activities. Since last 3 years I am associated with ASRA & with the help of ASRA’s worker I got disability certificate of Pihu, her pension which helped me in our financial condition also. Before this I didn’t know about any Govt. facility and due to ASRA I started getting these services. I wanted Pihu to get admission in a school where she can have a safe environment and could continue her Therapy Part, as well as Good Education. Because of Govt. School there are so many students, I was willing to have some different school.

Private schools are very expensive and I was unable to afford. Through ASRA I got a chance to know about ASRA’s own education and therapy center and it also has less fee charges included van facility so without any delay I registered Pihu’s name in 2019. Here the fee is less with more facilities. Pihu was getting regular exercises there. She had speech problem but since she started her school, she started speaking and there is physical improvement also. Prior to this she was unable to recognize people but now she can. All teachers have polite nature due to which she stays happy. Since last 1-year schools are closed due to covid’ 19 but ASRA organization is taking all online classes and therapy session regularly. This is a good step from ASRA. Her education is continuing and she happily completes her homework. She wanted to go to school even during lockdown and she is very excited to rejoin school but she is also happy with her online classes. From bottom of my heart, I want to thank ASRA. I can see so many changes in my daughter. She used to tell me her daily activity.

We have also received ration from ASRA during this lockdown along with one special kit including stationary items and poha and dalia for our immunity. She eats it regularly and do not allow anyone to touch her stationary material. I would like to thank ASRA for their such kind help in this epidemic. Although there are many schools but they all think about their benefit and want good amount of fees. ASRA fee amount is low with too many facilities including education, speech therapy and physiotherapy. Infect ASRA did not charge any fee for four to five months during hard time in lockdown. Now also we are paying 50% of fee.  Here all educators are professionally qualified, which is helping my daughter. More than half of my stress is gone after being connected with ASRA organization and I am thankful to ASRA for this. Since she started her school she is able to write, speak, recognition and explaining her daily routine work.

Nitin Goel (Father of Pihu), Nangli Dairy community