ASRA follows two fold approach for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities i.e. Institution Based approach through ARTC and Community Based approach through its CBR program.


The permanent building of ASRA was inaugurated by the Hon’able Union Minister, Government of India Shri Jaipal Reddy on 28th April 2007. His Excellency, the Swiss Ambassador Dr. Dominique Dreyer in India has also supported the mission of ASRA and was personally present on the occasion of the inauguration of ASRA building. Also present was President, ASRA Foundation Switzerland, Mr. Jakob Schmid, alongwith other Board members of the ASRA Foundation Switzerland. Leading NGOs, Rehab Professionals, Researchers, Social Workers, Social Activists etc. also attended the function. ARTC has two floors in addition to a basement and ground floor. Out of which basement, ground floor and first floor contains its various programs such as assessment, medical & therapeutic services, vocational training programs, accounts and administration. Second floor contains conference room, library etc. The building is totally accessible and barrier free. The ramp around the building makes it possible for the wheelchair users to move about on any floor of building. The building is specially designed according to needs of PwDs.


As per MCD list 2010, there are 1050 registered slum communities in Delhi with a population of approximately 2.3 million and a total of approximate 0.4 million hutments. ASRA is working in 68 slum communities of Delhi covering over 1.8 million populations and over 4,000 PwDs identified for comprehensive rehabilitation. Since its inception, ASRA has rendered its services to over eighty thousand beneficiaries but we feel that whatever ASRA is doing in the field of disability and rehabilitation is just a drop in the ocean and a lot still needs to be accomplished to empower marginalized people to realize their dreams.