About ARTC

The permanent building of ASRA was inaugurated by the Hon’able Union Minister, Government of India Shri Jaipal Reddy on 28th April 2007. His Excellency, the Swiss Ambassador Dr. Dominique Dreyer in India has also supported the mission of ASRA and was personally present on the occasion of the inauguration of ASRA building. Also present was President, ASRA Foundation Switzerland, Mr. Jakob Schmid, alongwith other Board members of the ASRA Foundation Switzerland. Leading NG05, Rehab Professionals, Researchers, Social Workers, Social Activists etc. also attended the function. ARTC has four floors out of which three floors contain its various programs such as assessment, medical & therapeutic services, vocational training programs, one floor contains conference room, accounts and administration, library etc. The building, including toilets, is totally barrier free. The ramp around the building makes it possible for the wheelchair users to move about on any floor of building. The building is specially designed according to needs of PwDs. During the year under report renovation work of the ARTC building was undertaken.