Training and Placement Unit

PwDs from CBR as well as ARTC are classified in three segments-Educable, Trainable and Employable. Trainable and Employable PwDs are registered under Placement cell and are also referred for Employment at Special Employment Exchanges and to the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre (VRC) run by Government of India for Job placements.

  • Procedural assistance is given for the process of applying in Government Jobs.
  • The number of registered cases under the Placement cell is 318, since 2008.
  • 10 students got placement during the year 2016-17.

There is some photographs of ASRAs students who got job placement in different fields during 2016-17.



Manish Kumar        Monika              Karishma           Chandni

Team Leader    Executive Pramotor   Tailoring Teacher       Tailor