Need for Special School

In 2010: ASRA introduced a Sponsorship project under its CBR program. This is an ongoing project whereby the children with moderate and severe Emotional & Behavioral Disorders (EBD) between the age of 4 to 17 years, living in ASRA’s adopted slum communities are referred to the neighbouring Special Schools. ASRA has been paying the fee of these children to the Special Schools where they are referred and get admission.

In view of such background, ASRA felt that it would be worthwhile to start its own school for children with special needs with a view to offer quality education and comprehensive rehabilitation package, instead of referring them to different smaller special schools.  ASRA‘s proposed Special School will cater the needs of children who are living in the nearby slum communities and children from far away slum communities will continue going to other Special Schools which are near to their home and will be supported under ASRA Sponsorship Program.